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I am a freelance writer and a former staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal. 


Most recently, I have written personal essays and humor for both the WSJ and the New York Times covering subjects such as lost tortoises, downsizing and New York co-op boards.

I’m also a below average triathlete. I have written several personal essays for the WSJ on the advantage of being over 50 and competing in the world championships on Team USA.

My journalism career began in the eighties after studying history at the University of Wisconsin, working as an au pair in Paris and being fired from a long series of waitress jobs.  

I was hired as a news assistant in the New York bureau of the WSJ and soon became a reporter covering commodities, currency and paper companies.


Mostly I wanted to write humor.  But as a reward for my coverage of paper companies, I was transferred to the Los Angeles bureau to cover banks and savings and loans.  


After covering the collapse of many savings and loans, I was finally allowed to write only humor and eventually added Hollywood.

Since leaving the paper to freelance, I have written page one stories about miniature pigs and feature stories about inheriting a portrait of an unattractive ancestor. I always wanted to be a foreign correspondent and am hoping to find a way to travel and write.



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